Retroverted Uterus (or tilted womb)

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Retroverted Uterus (or tilted womb) Empty Retroverted Uterus (or tilted womb)

Post by Tai on Sun Jan 13, 2008 4:23 pm

Approximately 11-19 % of pregnant women have a tipped uterus during the first trimester. It is generally not a cause for concern in the majority of women, as the retroversion corrects itself, and the pregnancy proceeds with the uterus in an anteverted or forward facing position. However, in rare instances - .03% (1 In 3000) to 1.4% (42 in 3000) depending on the study consulted - the uterus does not right itself. The uterus can become trapped or incarcerated in the pelvic area as it continues to enlarge instead of moving upwards into the abdomen. Uterine incarceration is a serious complication of pregnancy that can result in miscarriage, pre-term labor and other consequences that can endanger the life of the mother and/or fetus. If recognized early, the position of the uterus can be corrected, and the pregnancy can proceed normally - Inlet Medical 2006

I have a retroverted uterus and never knew until I had Tobey. I had been in early labour since approx 33 weeks and was in great pain from contractions. Eventually on examination at 36 weeks I was 3cm dilated, however I was told it was possible I could have been dilated for a couple of weeks! Because of the condition I didnt grow outwards very much and there was concern that Tobey was a vey small baby. They gave me an emergency scan but were unable to determine his size correctly (this was due to the condition but it wasnt diagnosed until much later).
When I had my postnatal check it was explained that my uterus should have tipped forward, but it hadnt which is why I went into preterm labour. I was very lucky as if it doesnt tilt forward it can cause miscarriage. However as its quite a common problem, unless you ask about it, your not told if your uterus is tilted. Before Tobey I had a miscarriage, knowing this the doctor explained I would need to warn my MW if I were to have another baby as its likely the same would happen again.
Usually if your uterus doesnt tip forward, abortion is suggested.
This has me so worried because I know Id love more children and my aunt who has the same condition had 5 miscarriages.

Tai x

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