Mikayla's Birth Story: 25/01/2007

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Mikayla's Birth Story:  25/01/2007 Empty Mikayla's Birth Story: 25/01/2007

Post by ~*mumof2angels*~ on Fri Jan 18, 2008 12:27 am

It was the night of the 22rd.. I was feeling no different to any other night. I thought I would have a hot bath and go to bed as I had not been getting much sleep lately. I got out of the bath at approx 11.45pm. I was about to get dressed and I noticed that I would not stop dripping, which was defenatly not like me. I started getting worried, so I ran into Mark and I yelled at him and said I think my waters just broke..
He told me to call the hospital but I was too scared.
5 smokes and 2 coffees later I was on the phone with the hospital. They told me to go straight in.

Mark and I got all our bags ready and headed straight to the hospital, by this time it was about 1am.
We got there and the midwife saw me straight away. She checked me over completely, heartbeat ( mine and bubs ), blood pressure. I needed to do a urine sample and a swab ( even now I do not know what that was for.
She said everything looked fine and bubs was not stressed. As I was not getting any contractions she told me that I needed to go home, but if anything happened to call and go straight back in.
Even though everything looked great apart from my waters breaking she told me to wait so the doctor could come and see me as she was only the midwife.
This was about 2am.

Finally at about 5am the doctor came in and my biggest fear happened he told me he needed to do a internal. He called the midwife came back in and he done the internal he told me I was 5cm dilated. I was like OMFG!!!
He was so gentle I didn’t even feel him doing it. He spoke to me the whole time so I would not realize what he was doing, and at the same time just letting me know what he was doing so if I felt anything I would not be alarmed. At this stage I was booked in for the 29th to be induced. He told me no way he would let me last that long so booked me in for that long and he would booked me in to be induced for the 24th. He asked me to be there by 7.30am

I was completely fine on the 23rd it was like nothing had happened. Lol
I was fine then about 5am on the 24th I woke up with contractions, they were not strong but I could still feel them. They were about 5mins apart.
I called the hospital again and I got the same midwife ( which I was really happy about ) she told me to come straight in as this was it.
I told Mark what she said and he was so happy he started crying then I started crying that he was so happy. Once we stopped we got in the car and he flew to the hospital.
We got there and they put me straight into the delivery suit. And now it was a waiting game

When I was placed into the delivery suit I was waiting for the doc and midwife, they both walked in and I had a sigh of relief on my face, it was the same doc and midwife from the 22nd which was great as they were great. The midwife monitored my contractions for about 1 mins and they were either not strong enough or not long enough. So the doc advised her to put me on the drip. The midwife and the doc both finished there shift at 8am but every half an hour the midwife would come in and check on me and get me monitored again still the same thing though the contractions were not strong enough. So she up’d the drip.
The doc came in at about 7.30am just to see how I was going I had to tell him that still nothing. He told me to see how things go, and that he didn’t not want to see me in there when he started his shift at 11pm that night and that I should of given birth by then. I thought to myself great!!!

After he and the midwife left to go home things went from bad to worse.
The drip fell out of my arm, so needed to get someone to come in a replace it. They were hopeless and tried 3 times before they got a vain but they finally got it.
They put the drip back up to I think it was 50. I was getting really strong contractions but they were not frequent enough so the midwife suggested putting it down. Then my contractions were not strong enough but were to frequent.
This had continued to happen the same way until about 7pm that night. By that time I was so over being there, I was hot, bothered, with lack of sleep and food. I started crying and was demanding a c-section. The doc came in to check me out and to see if I needed one. He declined it despite the fact that I was already 8cm dilated. I was so mad at him as he would not respect my wishes.

Still nothing happened and then at 11pm the nice doc and midwife shifts started again. I told them my concerns and the issues I was having. The doc said that if nothing happened by 3am he would organize a c-section for me. I was so happy and grateful that he decided that.

At 12am on the 25th my contractions picked up and were really strong I was getting them every 2 mins and they were lasting about 1 mins each this continued until about 1am. About 1am I felt a urge to go to the toilet I told the midwife and she said when the urge got a little stronger to buzz her and she would get the doc in.
By this stage I felt like I had no energy left and I was about to fall asleep. I told DP that there was no way I could push as I had no energy left in me.
He was very supportive with me and held my hand and kept reassuring me that all would be ok

At 1.55am the urge to go to the toilet was very intence my body was pushing for me and I could not stop it. I buzzed the midwife and she got the doc to come in he got there at about 2.05am. He prepared and at 2.10am I started to push. At 2.26am on the 25th of January our baby Mikayla was born.

After all that time in the hospital she came into the world in 16mins weighing in at 3.250kgs.

I was so grateful for the doc that I had and the midwife, the whole time they were there they more like family to me and supporting me and talking me through every making sure I was comfortable………
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Mikayla's Birth Story:  25/01/2007 Empty Re: Mikayla's Birth Story: 25/01/2007

Post by mamamany on Fri Jan 18, 2008 6:54 am

I just wanted to say that the swab was to check the lyquor (sp) or waters as we call them lol they take a swab at the enterance of the uterus to see if there's fluid present to check if your waters have broken.
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