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Post by Tai on Thu Jan 10, 2008 4:49 pm

Postnatal depression (also called postpartum depression - PPD) is a form of clinical depression which can affect women, and less frequently men, after childbirth.
Baby or maternity blues are a mild and transitory moodiness suffered by up to 80% of postnatal women (and in some cases fathers who also suffer from the baby blues and/or postpartum depression). Symptoms typically last from a few hours to several days, and include tearfulness, irritability, hypochondriasis, sleeplessness, impairment of concentration, isolation and headache. The maternity blues are not the same thing as postpartum depression, nor are they a precursor to postpartum depression or postnatal psychosis - Wikipedia (2008).

Patient UK

There are not many sites dedicated to those who suffer with PND/PPD, so the following are links to and books that may help more than the internet can.

Feelings After Birth: The NCT Book of Postnatal Depression

Antenatal and Postnatal Depression: Practical Advice and Support for All Sufferers

Surviving Post-Natal Depression: At Home No One Hears You Scream

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