The good, the bad and the long and tiring lol

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The good, the bad and the long and tiring lol Empty The good, the bad and the long and tiring lol

Post by mamamany on Thu Jan 17, 2008 6:10 am

I was 9 days over with Cerys when I had a routine antenatal and was told I'd be induced at 14 days over then the MW started asking me all sorts of questions and asked if I could attend the hospital that afternoon (clinic was with GP and MW back then) so I went to my mum's had a drink as recommended and the went up to mat where they took a urine sample and put me on monitor. This being my first baby I was quite niave about everything and had no idea what was going on, after 30 mins they took the reading and faxed it to Aberdeen and then said they weren't happy with it and they wanted another one so I had another alf an hour strapped up and it again was sent to aberdeen. the MW came in and told me that abdn weren't happy with it and they wanted to admit me, they'd phoned an ambulance and i'd be leaving in 30 mins. I phoned my ex who was in Tesco shopping and he ran home for my bags and came up to meet me and we went to abdn. I was admitted at about 6.30 exacmined and told I was 3cm dilated and having contractions which I wasn't feeling but baby was in distress which is why they'd admitted me and then told me I wouldn't be going home empty handed which was good. Then a surgeon who was the image of Mr Bean came in and told me if things didn't go to plan I'd have to have a section (which scared the life out of me) then everyone left again.
At 8.45pm I had my waters broken and was told it'd be at least 12 hours before anything major started happenening delivery wise and at 9.30 they started the syntocin drip which made the pain really strong, used Tens and g&a and eventually got a shot a morphine ofr the pain. At about 1am I told the MW I needed to push and she said that was impossible it'd be ages yet but she'd check anyway so i clambered up onto the bed and sure enough I was fully dilated so started pushing after an hour and no progress they said they needded to give me an episiotomy which again scared me and I refused, by this time I had 2 MW's and a peadiatrician in with me as her heartrate was dipping with every contraction, I eventually delivered at 2.46am and had a 3rd degree tear and Cerys was taken away as soon as she was delivered to get oxygen etc and then taken back in after about 30mins. By this time I was so spaced out I had no idea what was going on and it wasn't till after that everything made sense to me.
I was released to my local unit later on that day where I ended up spending a week as I got an infection in my arm from the drip and one in my uterus and was drugged up on antibiotics which started us on the thrush cycle but that's a breastfeeding story Razz

In complete comparison the night of my due date with Shaylah I was feeling weird, having had 2 non progressive starts a week apart I was patiently waiting her arrival when I woke at about 1am with backache. I got up and wandered around the house for a while and timed my pains till they wree 5 mins apart and I phoned the mat where they told me to come in so i woke ex and went walking to hospital (it was only round the corner) I was examined and confirmed I was 3cm and on the way so phoned ex to get someone to take Cerys and join me, by the time he did and got to hospital it was 3.30am and I was sat on the loo with the g&a labouring away lol. I went through to labour ward and got in the bath where I lay with g&a till about 6 am when I was taken out and examined with no change so tried walking etc and nothing was helping so at 7.20 I was re-examined and they decidded to break my waters because her head wasn't engaged and facing the side the MW eased it round manually and then it got helluffa sore so i asked for drugs and got diamorphine at about 7.45 which was a waste cos she was delivered at 8.06am after 4 pushes weighing 8lb 10.5oz.

With Breckin I was booked in for induction at 39+1 because of really bad SPD, so went to Abdn for 4pm on friday afternoon where I got induced with prostin gel which brought on a fast and painful set of contractions. I sat as long as I could and went for a bath about 8pm and couldn't get out of the bath cos everytime I stood up it hurt, eventually got out and back to ward where they tried me with tens which was no help so I got morphine at about 9pm. The labour ward was full and because my waters hadn't broken they were just leaving me as I was which was pants but can't be helped so later on i got a sedative so I could get some sleep as they said it's be morning before i was moved. Woke up about 6am and needed to go badly but couldn't so I was given supposotries(sp) to help at 7am I was moved to labour ward and finally managed to go which the MW said was good as it was possible the full bowel was blocking baby's way, by this point my contractions had stopped again.
Had my waters broken at 7.30 and that was it going again at about 9.30 I was feeling a lot of pain so asked for morphine and was told it was too late cos I was 9cms about 20mins later I told MW I neededd to push so she told me to push away and after 2 pushes his head was delievered and neither ME or student were ready for him (which I found hilarious and still do) so 1 more push later Breckin made his entrance to the world weighing 7lbs 11oz and my first words were "Oh my God, he's tiny!" He's now 3 and not so tiny in fact he's a big pest lol!

So I'm just waiting to see what number 4's going to be like after those 3 all being so different.
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